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monthly packages for B2B techs

Whether you need some ad-hoc help with a product launch, website refresh, content creation, campaign management, or ongoing marketing support - we've got you covered. 

Choose between our flexible, cost-effective outsourced marketing monthly packages...


All the essentials you need to maintain a strong brand presence and keep your audience engaged. 

Website management & optimisation:

  • 1 x Website

Content marketing: 

  • 1 x Blog article (up to 1,000 words) (incl. keywords research, SEO optimisation, copywriting, storytelling, interviewing and custom Canva graphics design)

Social media marketing:  

  • 1 x Social media account 

  • 2 x Weekly posts (incl. keywords research, audience targeting and custom Canva graphics design)

Email marketing: 

  • 1 x Email campaign (incl. copy creation and optimisation, testing, audience targeting and custom Canva graphics design)


Analytics & reporting: 

  • Key performance monthly report

1-on-1 consultation:  

  • 30-min weekly virtual session 

Fee: £2,500/month


All the essentials plus key strategic navigation and demand generation.

Website management & optimisation:

  • 1 x Website

Content marketing: 

  • Content audit and strategy (incl. content calendar/planner)

  • 2 x Short copy pieces (blogs) or 1 x long (whitepaper) (incl. keywords research, SEO optimisation, copywriting, storytelling and custom Canva graphics design)

Social media marketing:  

  • Social media strategy and planning (incl. social calendar/planner)

  • 2 x Social media accounts

  • 4 x Weekly posts (incl. keywords research, audience targeting and custom Canva graphics design)

  • Social media paid advertising strategy, planning and buying

Email marketing: 

  • Email automation

  • 2 Email campaigns (incl. copy creation and optimisation, testing, audience targeting and custom Canva graphics design)

Analytics & reporting: 

  • KPIs tracking and reporting

  • Data analytics

1-on-1 consultation:  

  • 1-hr weekly virtual session 

Fee: £3,500/month


Need help for a specific campaign or project? Choose from our list of marketing services to create the optimal marketing solution for you. 

Bespoke campaigns management -  e.g. product launches, rebrands, digital transformation, market expansion, product and direct marketing, etc.

Marketing strategy & growth - implementing our strategic 8-step B2B tech marketing growth plan incl. purpose, ideal customer, positioning, branding, audit, channels and measurement

Content marketing -  strategy & planning, content sourcing and creation, storytelling, copywriting, editing, design, keywords search and optimisation

Email and automation - creating and managing integrated email campaigns

Paid media advertising - planning and co-ordinating paid media advertising (PPC, paid search, social ads, retargeting, offline media advertising)  

Social media management - planning, optimising, creating and managing social media content

Website and Content Management System (CMS) management – managing and optimising web content and performance

Event management & PR – planning, organising and coordinating corporate events; PR and media communications

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Our packages are flexible and risk-free. You can cancel anytime

*Prices are in GBP, excl. VAT

Client story

ARKK: A leading UK regtech scaleup

The need

At a tipping point of their growth when their internal marketing team was fully focused on the launch of their new core product, For:sight, Arkk needed some extra help for the delivery of a GTM campaign for one of their additional offerings.

The solution

Working closely with Arkk’s CMO and key internal sales and marketing stakeholders, APMS prepared a strategic plan for the delivery of a highly targeted go-to-market product campaign over a period of 12 weeks.

The plan included: 

  • a review of the product’s core value proposition,

  • a market situation analysis and overview, and

  • a tactical marketing and communications framework for successfully achieving the campaign’s short- and long-term goals. 


Overall, the campaign was based on the execution of a principal launch event and the following key outreach tactics and activities:  

  • email communications, 

  • owned and social media content planning and distribution, 

  • content creation and storytelling, 

  • planning and activation of an automated nurturing email campaign.  


In addition to developing the campaign’s strategy and plan, APMS was appointed for its delivery and execution. 

The result

The campaign’s launch event was a great success and exceeded the client’s expectations by being oversubscribed and delivering nearly 100% turnout and attendee satisfaction rates.  


As part of the pre-and post-event communications, APMS created a series of content (incl. blog posts, a press release, social media posts, website and email copy, and a product brochure) and also arranged the production of a video promo teaser and a full recording of the event.


We also designed and managed all the digital elements of the campaign (incl. a landing page, event’s page, email templates and campaigns, and supplementary marketing collateral). 


As a result of the campaign, Arkk secured a key industry player in the space as a strategic partner for the distribution of their product to the mass market.  

"Ani was brought in to work with Arkk on a 12-week contract. From beginning to end it has been a pleasure working with her. Her attention to detail and ability to deliver work on time and maintain quality are a true asset. She's worked with the marketing team across a variety of different products and services, essentially becoming an extension of the team. I look forward to hopefully working with Ani in the future."

Ready to see what we can do for your B2B tech business?

Why work with us


Get director-level service with a proven industry record and 100% recommendation rate


Stay nimble. Our service terms are flexible, with no long-term, locked-in retainer contracts


Get real-time results without the expensive in-house overheads


  • APMS's outsourced packages are ideal for B2B tech startups that cannot afford to hire an experienced marketing professional internally, and scaleups and SMEs that lack capacity and need some ad-hoc, flexible marketing support. 

  • You can sign up by contacting us directly through this website. We will then assist you in choosing the right package for your business needs and guide you through the sign-up process.

  • Payments are executed via bank transfer and invoices are issued at the end of each billing cycle (month) or as otherwise agreed. 

  • The onboarding process is streamlined to ensure a smooth start. Once you choose a package, you'll have an initial consultation to discuss your business goals and marketing needs. Then, APMS will gather all necessary information and assets from you. This phase includes setting up communication channels, understanding your brand guidelines, and aligning on strategies. The aim is to make the transition as seamless as possible, ensuring that APMS can begin delivering effective marketing solutions right away.

  • Yes. We offer flexible terms and you can cancel at any time. Cancellations will be automatically set for the end of your billing cycle.

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