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Week 2: Know your audience

Unlock the power of customer-centric marketing. This week is all about identifying and understanding your ideal customer profile - their needs, behaviors, and pain points. Knowing your audience inside out is crucial for crafting messages that resonate.

Week 1: Define your core

Embark on your journey by crystallising your business’s core purpose. We delve into what makes your offering unique, aligning your mission and vision to serve as a guiding star for all future marketing endeavors.

8-week marketing accelerator 

sprint for B2B techs

Our flagship strategic programme is designed exclusively for B2B tech companies looking to skyrocket their market presence. It covers the core facets of marketing, ensuring that by the end of these transformative 8 weeks, you'll be equipped with a robust, actionable growth strategy and plan.

Week 5: Assess current state

Take a step back to gain perspective. We conduct a thorough audit of your existing marketing strategies and tactics, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and areas ripe for improvement. This insight lays the groundwork for informed decision-making.

Turn table

Week 6: Map your path

Where does your audience live? This week, we pinpoint the optimal channels - be it digital, social, or traditional media - to connect with your target market. We tailor a channel strategy that amplifies your message and maximises reach.

Set the direction of your future growth journey in just 8 weeks...

Week 7: Set for success

What you measure, you can manage. In week seven, we establish key performance indicators and metrics to track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. This approach ensures your strategy remains agile and result-oriented.

Week 8: Wrap up your plan

As the program concludes, we bring together all the insights and strategies into a comprehensive growth plan. You'll leave with a detailed, actionable strategy, ready to propel your B2B tech business to new heights.

Client story

Early-stage US Payments Startup


When this US-based early-stage payments startup signed up for APMS's accelerator programme, it faced significant challenges in its marketing approach. With a basic, unprofessional and inconsistent web presence, the company struggled to articulate its value proposition. Their lack of a clear distribution strategy was hindering their ability to generate demand and build brand awareness.


After completing the sprint, the company witnessed a transformative change in its marketing strategy in four key areas:

  • A cohesive brand experience: APMS delivered a strong, cohesive brand strategy that accurately represented the company's vision and values.

  • Professional web presence: The company website was revamped elevating the startup's online image, and making it more appealing and professional to its target audience.

  • A clear value proposition: After completing a series of interviews with key business stakeholders, APMS worked closely with the company's management team to come up with a clearly defined value proposition that effectively communicated its unique offerings to the market.

  • Sales enablement: One of the key improvement areas identified during the audit stage was sales enablement, so a new suite of marketing materials was developed that streamlined the startup’s approach to demand generation and capture. 

"It's been a pleasure working with Ani! She was instrumental in helping us build a cohesive brand strategy and implement our marketing platform. Ani has great communication skills, has keen subject matter expertise, and maybe most importantly - delivers on her plans and on time! Highly recommend and we look forward to continuing to work together."


  • APMS's Marketing Accelerator Sprint is ideal for B2B tech businesses, particularly startups and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) looking to enhance their marketing strategies and accelerate growth.

  • Payment can be made in full or in installments. One of our core values is being flexible so we aim to offer our clients the most optimal service conditions. 

  • By the end of the sprint, you can expect a comprehensive growth strategy tailored to your business needs, clearer branding, and a better understanding of your ideal customer segments and most relevant marketing channels. The results will vary based on your individual business goals, current state and level of engagement and collaboration during the process. 

  • There are no specific prerequisites, but it’s beneficial to have a clear view and understanding of the current state and goals of your business, including any previous marketing activity. 

  • Yes. You could either sign up for additional consulting hours or appoint us to execute the strategy for you and opt in for one of our monthly outsourcing packages. 

Ready to take your B2B tech business to new heights? 

What's included

  • One-on-one weekly sprint sessions

  • Custom market research (incl. interviews with key stakeholders)

  • Executing proven B2B marketing strategic models and frameworks

  • Comprehensive marketing audit

  • Tailored 6 to 12 months marketing strategy & action plan

  • Brand refreshment and website optimisation recommendations

Sprint fee: £10,000

*Prices are in GBP and excl. VAT


Week 3: Get positioned

Stand out in the competitive B2B tech landscape. We strategise your unique market positioning, highlighting your strengths and differentiators to ensure your brand resonates strongly with your target audience.

Week 4: Craft your story

Your brand is your story. This week, we focus on developing a compelling brand narrative and identity. From your logo to your tagline, every element will be tuned to communicate your value proposition effectively.

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