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Remote marketing management

Do you have enough resources to run marketing in-house? 

If you don’t have enough resources and capabilities to run marketing in-house, then you might benefit from our remote marketing management service.


With extensive experience in both start-up and corporate marketing and knowledge across the entire marketing mix, we are well-positioned to help you successfully achieve your short and long-term marketing goals.  


From reviewing and optimising your marketing strategy to pulling together and implementing tactical tools and processes – we’ll make marketing work for you.


We’ll also give you the flexibility to choose your own terms of business and will deliver only what you need, when you need it - in a cost-efficient way with no long-term, locked-in retainer contracts.


Your remote marketing manager

We'll take a hands-on, personal approach to your marketing.


To make sure we provide you with the most optimal marketing solution, we'll work closely with you and your team to identify your specific marketing needs. 

We'll then prepare a bespoke package that meets your exact business requirements and budget. 

Whether you need some ad-hoc marketing help with a product launch, website refresh, content creation or campaign management, or an on-going marketing support, we've got you covered. 


By outsourcing your marketing to us, you can focus on your core competency and save valuable resources and time.   

5 reasons to outsource your marketing:

Focus on your core business competencies 

Save valuable resources and time

Get access to extensive industry knowledge and experience 

Access to fresh thinking and ideas

Be flexible and use only when needed






How can we help?

If you don’t have enough resources and capabilities to run marketing in-house, we can do it for you. 

Choose from our list of marketing services and specialities to create your optimal marketing solution: 
  • Marketing strategy & growth - implementing our strategic 8-step fintech marketing growth plan incl. purpose, ideal customer, positioning, branding, audit, channels and measurement

  • Bespoke campaigns management – e.g. product launches, rebrands, digital transformation, market expansion, product and direct marketing, etc.

  • Content marketing – strategy & planning, content sourcing and creation, storytelling, copywriting, editing, design, keywords search and optimisation

  • Email and automation – creating and managing integrated email campaigns

  • Digital advertising and paid media – planning and co-ordinating paid media advertising (PPC, paid search, social ads, retargeting, offline media advertising)  

  • Social media management – planning, optimising and managing social media content distribution

  • Website and Content Management System (CMS) management – managing and optimising web content and performance

  • Event management & PR – planning, organising and coordinating corporate events; PR and media communications


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