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The press release is NOT dead…yet

Recently, I came across an article about the redundancy of one of the most popular PR tools ever: the old-school press release. In the past few years, the PR industry has been facing a constant dilemma about the relevance of traditional press releases in the modern digital world.

My personal view is that press releases are still relevant and will continue to be in the future, only if they’re done the right way and provide real value to the target audience.

However, press release distribution services are well on their way to retirement. We’ve seen no ROI and zero value whatsoever of using newswire services in today’s digital world. With free media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Medium, there is just no point paying for a press release to be distributed via a wire service.

How are businesses still using press releases?

A lot of businesses are still using press release to announce and pitch new product launches, funding, awards and general company updates. And, surprisingly, majority of businesses are still heavily relying on wire services providers for the delivery and distribution of press releases.

Should businesses continue doing press releases?

Press releases remain a valuable and time-proved tool for generating earned media coverage and increasing brand awareness. So, businesses should continue using them, but only with a clear communications strategy and plan in place.

Before start publishing any media content, businesses should identify their target audience and its exact information needs and interests. In terms of content format, PR practitioners shouldn’t only stick to the traditional news-type of content and start exploring other more engaging formats such as video and blog stories.

Finally, businesses should focus on targeting and engaging with journalists and media providers directly, and avoid mass media pitching.

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