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7 fintech marketing strategies you should try in 2021


What is fintech marketing?

Fintech marketing is a new marketing category that includes all tactics and tools used by fintech organisations to drive demand, customer loyalty and business growth.


Fintech is one of the fastest-growing industries with a record-breaking $112 billion investments raised in 2018. According to CBI Insights, there’s currently more than 90 fintech “unicorns” or startups valued over $1 billion.

This makes the industry very attractive to newcomers. Industry watchers and analysts are expecting another wave of companies in the next few years as we continue to see early fintech startup employees move on to start their own businesses.

In addition to new fintech startups, many established finance players and incumbents have also started catching up with new technologies and are becoming part of the growing fintech ecosystem. The majority of them do this through either partnering with startups, creating their own accelerators or incubators, or digitally transforming and repositioning their existing models.

Hence, the fintech sector is becoming increasingly competitive. Along with the tough competition, fintech companies face numerous other specific challenges that can further affect the effectiveness and success of their marketing efforts. These are lack of trust and credibility, complexity, increasing regulation, low budgets and limited access to funding, data privacy risks and cybersecurity, changing consumer needs and behaviour.

Nonetheless, there are a few players who have managed to cut through the noise and

been leading the way by taking some rather unconventional, even daring approaches

to marketing.

In this article, we take a look at 7 of the most common and successful fintech marketing tactics and strategies:

1) Gamification

2) Referral, affiliate or influencer marketing

3) Experiential marketing

4) Partnership marketing

5) Community marketing

6) Branding

7) Content marketing

Read the complete article here:

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